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Nonprofit Start Up Series: Your First Fund Development Plan

Get details on the diversity of avenues to fund your nonprofit.

Creating a fund development plan is essential for any organization – especially a start up! Our Chief Philanthropy Officer will share tips and strategies to raise money for your organization and create a sustainable plan for the future.

This includes: Grants, Sponsors, Events, Donors, Appeals, Development, Planned Giving, Contributed Revenue, Earned Revenue - all aspects of a potential fundraising plan for a nonprofits.  What do they all mean? In this workshop you will learn the diversity of avenues for funding your nonprofit and how to create your first fund development plan.  We'll also cover the importance of mission and vision in your fundraising plans.


This session is part of NEW’s “Nonprofit Start Up Series.” 

Sessions include:

  • Starting a Nonprofit Organization
  • It’s Your First Board
  • Finance From the Beginning
  • Your First Fund Development Plan

You may sign up for the sessions individually or purchase the entire series for $160. Purchase the entire series HERE.

We highly encourage individuals and organizations to sign up for the series as a whole for two main reasons:

1. Having a full picture of the efforts starting a nonprofit organization entails ensures that the proper resources are devoted to these important preliminary steps.

2. Engaging with other individuals looking to start a nonprofit creates a community of people that can look to one another for guidance, support, connections, and more!


December 7, 2017 5:00 PM   through   8:00 PM
The Hannah House
4750 Woodward Avenue
Detroit, MI 48201
Phone: 734 998 0160
$50 $ 50.00